• About Us

    About Us

Pakari Adventure was born from a desire to offer something exciting and new in the adventure training space.

We recognised an issue in the resilience and wellbeing of people in these difficult times and have set about providing a solution. Pakari is staffed by a team of highly experienced people combined with fantastic facilities that together offer a unique and powerful life changing experience.

At Pakari we value growth, purpose and connection. We seek to grow ourselves so we can help others grow. We hold that our purpose is to provide the best adventure training programme possible. And we recognise the interrelated nature of the world and our ability to effectively engage in it.

We are continually refining our process and products, with the desire to meet current needs with comprehensive training options. Complex problems often need complex solutions, but we think we can provide a way through in a calm, thoughtful and relatable way. We want to be the best we can be.

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    Gregg Johnson

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    Michael Dickson


“Working with the team at Pakari is nothing short of inspirational. The programmes they provide and the way it is facilitated is impressive and the effectiveness is evident. The participants we take into the challenging canyon environment are armed with newly gained skills giving them confidence and control. A step too far out of the comfort zone can be a bad experience, but the team at Pakari turns these moments into positive, valuable learning experiences. It is an honour to work alongside the professional and inspirational instructors.”


“Pakari groups have come stayed with us at Adventure Inn Marahau, we are predominately normally a backpackers hostel but in these trying times we have changed our focus to small group tours and family’s, and in the recent 12months we have seen a diverse range in groups come through. But none stick out more than the Pakari Group. They have been absolutely excellent in the way they conduct themselves, they work together in a kind and respectful way that can only be attributed to the way the group is lead with a focus on team building and helping one another. Their leadership team is very well organized with a genuine desire to inspire their groups.”

  • “This was hands down one of the best learning experiences I have had. The skills and experiences I've learned and gained from it will be able to change the way I live, approach and think about my life.”


  • “I can really become the best version of myself using the tools they have taught us, and I can see how it can affect my life and those around me in a positive way. This course is a life changer.”


  • “An experience that helps you grow and gain more control over your life. A great chance to give your mind a break and take away many of the stressors in our lives. I now have tools for my future.”


  • “One of the best experiences I have had with a group of instructors who are passionate and want others to be able to learn and takeaway tools to help with their everyday life.”


  • “The way the instructors delivered their knowledge and brought discussion in to a comfortable, safe yet personally challenging environment was beyond expectation. It provided an opportunity to learn and practice the tools they introduced.”


  • “The pakari experience was one of the best weeks of my life. I have come closer to people in the last 5 days than I have over the last two years. I often found myself on the beach alone, looking at the views and just breathing.”